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AIROD was established in 1976 as the first and only in-country military depot level maintenance facility to support the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) aircraft, its associated engines, aero components and avionics. 

In 1984, AIROD Sdn Bhd (AIROD) was incorporated as a joint venture between Aerospace Industries Malaysia (AIM – now known as National Aerospace and Defense Industries Sdn Bhd or NADI), and Lockheed  Martin Systems International (LASI) of USA. After being privatized in 1985, AIROD became an authorized Lockheed Martin Hercules Service Center in 1986.

In 1995 all LASI shares were divested and acquired by local companies and in 1997, PJS Industries via its subsidiary, NADI, which acquired the ownership of AIM, became the major shareholder. Since privatization, AIROD has provided MRO services to 76 customers of combined military and commercial aircraft from 33 countries by providing world class quality depot level maintenance, aircraft customization, modifications which includes structural and avionics upgrades.

AIROD currently offers a complete range of aviation services for transport, training, fighter and VVIP aircraft. AIROD is totally committed towards embracing the highest global standards of service excellence. In addition, AIROD also provides total worldwide support through its Field Services Team (FST).


We aspire to be the leading MRO in the region by 2040


To excel and grow profitably by focusing on smart business partnerships, and to provide our customers with services of the highest level of quality and safety


To be a growing source of pride to the Nation, our Customers, our Shareholders, and our Employees and their families



Striving for Excellence and Integrity through Continuous Improvement to achieve product reliability.

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